Privacy & Rights


All care is taken to ensure privacy of participants when booking or attending courses. We take your personal privacy seriously, all information provided is held in secured locations, both on & off line. If you have a privacy concern at anytime, please contact us, or discuss it with your trainer.

Photo licensing.

When attending our courses we will often take photos for recording of evidence in training and assessments, or for you the participant. All facial shots are kept out of social media and advertising unless written authority is given by the individual. Authority can be via email, letter or text (if signed up as a student/ participant).

Photos of our courses are strictly the property of Murray Training & Murray Training & Assessing - All Rights Reserved 2016.

Record Keeping.

Documents and course materials used but not limited to the following,

  • enrollments
  • assessments 
  • evaluations
  • validations 
  • course completions 

must be held on file for 30 years from date of final assessment. This is a requirement of all Registered Training Organisations (RTO's) and any of their providers. These can be in either hard copy or electronic file.


Assessments & Your Rights.

From time to time participants receive a not yet satisfactory (NYS) or not yet competent (NYC) result. This can happen for many reasons. In the event you receive one of these you have rights of appeal.

  1. Discuss the result with the assessor and it may be something you have missed or they have missed.
  2. You have the right to a second attempt either on the day or another time or date. This may incur extra costs depending on locations and course.
  3. Take your appeal to the manager or principal of the RTO. Contact details are listed online at
  4. In the event you were not trained satisfactorily by another trainer, the assessor can give you the gaps in skills for you to take back to them. You should not incur any extra fees or charges for this.

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