MTM62SX 2018 ex training saw, with new bar adjustment system conversion to side screw. (in photo)

20 inch bar, .325 pitch reduced kickback chain.

220 Hrs service life.

Ideal for intermediate operators.

$95 + postage or pick up at Camden location.

MTM72SX 2017 ex training saw with new bar adjustment system, plus spare chain.

22 inch bar, .325 pitch reduced kickback chain

180 Hrs service life

Ideal for intermediate to advance operators.

$110 + postage or pick up at Camden location.

MTM72SX 2018 ex training saw with new bar adjustment system, plus new carry bag.

22 inch bar, .325 pitch reduced kickback chain

145 Hrs service life

Ideal for intermediate to advance operators.

$115 + postage or pick up at Camden location

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Machinery General Questions & Tips

Q & A Sheet

Q. My Chainsaw/ Mower/ Line trimmer/ Blower starts and idles but wont run normally when I pull on the throttle.

A. There are several things you can check: first, make sure that you are using fresh fuel mix (never store or use fuel mix older than 60 days in can or fuel tank), second, clean spark arrester screen in the muffler, third, replace fuel filter in fuel tank, fourth, clean or replace air filter. If none of these work please take the machine to your local shop for evaluation.

Q. Does ethanol fuels cause engine problems?

A. Yes. Ethanol can dissolve varnish and gum deposits that have previously formed inside fuel storage cans or the equipment's engine. When these deposits become dislodged, they can mix with the fuel and plug small openings and filters within the fuel system.

Ethanol attracts and mixes with moisture in the air, causing corrosion to metal components in the fuel system. If enough water is absorbed, the ethanol and water will settle out of the gasoline blend and settle to the bottom of the equipment's tank. The layer of gasoline left floating on top has a lower octane level than the original ethanol gasoline blend, which can result in unstable engine operation, power loss and major engine failures.

Since the fuel is often drawn from the bottom of the fuel tank, the engine is drawing in a mixture of ethanol and water with no gasoline and no lubricating oil. This ethanol/water mix is thicker than gasoline and cannot easily pass through the fuel system. This can result in hard starting, unsafe high idle speeds, stalling, and can ultimately lead to engine damage or fuel system failure.

Q. How much 2 stroke oil should I put in my fuel?

A. Most manufacturers of outdoor power equipment tell you how much oil is required. However a general rule of 25:1 fuel/ oil mixture is around 1 Lt fuel to 40 ml oil. 50:1 is around 1 Lt fuel to 20 ml oil.

Q. What is Kickback?

A. Kickback occurs when the moving saw chain near the upper tip of the bar nose contacts a solid object or is pinched. The reaction of the cutting force of the chain causes a rotational force on the chain saw in the direction opposite to the chain movement. This may fling the bar up and back in an uncontrolled arc, and around 15/100 sec mainly in the plane of the bar. Under some cutting circumstances the bar moves towards the operator, who may suffer severe or fatal injury.

Q. How much protective gear do I need & how much will it cost?

A. Each machine requires some form of personal protective equipment (PPE).
Most of the outdoor power equipment machinery now days require the following minimal PPE. Most of this you may already have and does not require more costs.

Enclosed work boot or shoe, preferably steel toecap. Non-loose fitted clothing.
Eye & or face protection.
Ear, hearing protection.

Gardening gloves.

Other PPE may be required if you use Chainsaws or Pole Saws.
Such as, chaps ($60-$300), Helmets ($30-$100) and specialized helmet kits including hearing and eye protection ($45-$250).